My Thoughts On Brexit

Okay, so those who don’t already know by now, Britain has voted out of the European Union. And everyone has their own opinion on this. As a European this will probably effect me, not as much as the people living in the UK but the Republic of Ireland has close ties with the UK even after the horrible history between our two nations. A lot of people still don’t know this but Ireland isn’t actually one country. There are two countries on the island of Ireland or “Éire”, Northern Ireland, belonging to the United Kingdom. And the Republic of Ireland which used to be part of the UK but we are now an independent European nation. Anyway, because both of the Republic and Northern Ireland are in the European Union right now, there is no physical boarders or checkpoints between any of our countries. Now that Britain has broken away there might be a physical boarder like in the old days. I don’t see good things from this. I don’t want our two nations to be more separated from a place that was so tightly bonded with our Celtic, Norman and Viking past coming together to make us as a united people, physical boarders are not needed. Northern Ireland, with Scotland actually voted to stay in the EU yet they have to get dragged down by their super-nationalist government and democratic policy to a place where the outcome is completely unknown. The UK’s economy is already at a 30 year low, what’s going to happen in the next two when they say their last goodbye?

Some of the outcomes from this super nationalism may be that Northern Ireland may rejoin the Republic of Ireland and that Scotland may become an independent nation. To be honest, I would really like to see these both in reality. I don’t see a good economic turnout to the Brexit, the proof is already there. The leaving campaign in Britain said that the UK gives £350,000,000 to the European Union. Number one, that was a lie, where did those numbers even come from? Politics can’t count apparently. Number two, it’s not like they’re going to be able to spend that on services now that they’re out of the EU, they’re going to lose free trading and access to the single European market, so how are they even going to make that money, they’ve lost their ties and trading partners years ago and they think that they can just be friends again? It doesn’t work like that. Why would countries want to trade with the UK when they have a massive economy like the European Union to trade with where a larger market is available? I’m sorry Britain but it’s not the middle ages anymore..

Another reason why Britain voted out is because of immigration. A lot of people think that there are too many people from other countries coming to the UK and “stealing” jobs that British people could have taken. From the start of this I think I made it clear that I like a world without boarders. What about all the British people living around Europe? They’re probably going to have to change their nationality as I’ve a feeling duel nationality won’t be possible for Britain and countries in the EU. The European Union was set up to bring peace after our awful past, we’re stronger together, I’ll say it again, the proof is there.

I cannot see anything good coming from the United Kingdom leaving their membership of the European Union. It’s as if Texas became independent from the United States of America. I feel unfortunate for Northern Ireland and Scotland. I really do hope that something can be established in order for them both to stay within the European Union. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Northern Ireland would be able to keep them selves float on their own, besides the country itself is made up of its decreasing loyalty to the United Kingdom. Scotland, on the other hand, they’ve a good chance to escape from their outdated dictator from a parliament in which they have little or no say. I mean, has many people even heard of Scotland’s leaders before they spoke out on the United Kingdom’s decision on leaving the European Union?

To conclude, I don’t want to see my island with a big wall nor any sort of physical borders. What I do want to see is justice and a modernization of North Western Europe. Scotland and Northern Ireland don’t deserve to be dragged down by something in which they voted in the opposite direction that will drastically effect their life in the near and foreseeable future. This isn’t democracy. This isn’t just, nor is it fair. British politicians claim that they have the best system of democracy in the world yet it undoubtedly failed in the eyes of the world.

For the people that live in Northern Ireland and Scotland who believe the decision wasn’t justification, stand up, your country needs it, your people need it and time is running.

Although my personal opinion is very strong on this topic, I will continue to respect the opinions of the opposition as long as they do mine.





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